Traditional Braces

Braces remain one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to improve the alignment of your teeth. At Koga Orthodontics, we provide high-quality results with braces and treatment plans customized to your needs in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Brace yourself for an incredible smile!

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The Benefits of Traditional Braces

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Traditional braces have been used for decades to correct a wide variety of teeth and jaw alignment issues. Compared with other orthodontic devices, traditional braces are:

  • Affordable: traditional braces cost less than clear aligners
  • Durable: traditional braces are harder to damage and easier to repair
  • Efficient: traditional braces often get results in 1-3 years
  • Versatile: traditional braces are often more useful for solving complex alignment problems

Traditional braces also stay in the mouth until your teeth have been successfully realigned. While removable devices can fail to successfully realign teeth if they are not worn as directed, our traditional braces never stop working for you.

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Why Choose Us

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Expert Skills & Knowledge

With more than a decade of experience providing high-quality treatments and delivering beautiful smiles. You can always trust Koga Orthodontics for treatment that works.

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Affordable Quality

Getting traditional braces from us is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your smile and oral hygiene. Our modern equipment and efficient methods reduce unnecessary expenses.

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Personalized for Your Needs

No two sets of braces treatments are exactly alike. We understand that every patient has unique needs, and take the time to make sure you’re always getting the service you deserve.

Brace Yourself For Your Best Smile Ever


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Dr. Koga and her staff were awesome! After 13 months of aligners, I love how my bite feels and how my teeth look. Dr. Koga was always patient with my questions and clearly communicated expectations. She is thorough in building a unique treatment plan to meet the needs of every patient. Highly recommend!

Dr. Koga and her staff are absolutely amazing. Everyone we encounter has been extremely patient and thorough with my nine-year-old son. I highly recommend this group for orthodontic care.

I loved the experience I felt very comfortable. Dr. Koga is so cool and a fun person. Her assistant that assisted me was so very nice and bubbly. I loved my experience I can’t wait to come back and get my braces and meet everyone again.

I love Dr.Koga. She & her staff are all very professional & compassionate. Each visit, they are ALWAYS genuinely concerned with my progress & are always careful to explain each step to me & my mom. They always go
the extra mile to make sure I am completely comfortable. I actually look forward going to all of my appointments. Love them! ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions about Traditional Braces

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How Much Do Traditional Braces Cost?

Every patient faces different costs for braces depending on their needs. Braces for severely misaligned teeth will be more expensive than braces for correcting smaller issues. Insurance coverage also affects how much you’ll pay out-of-pocket.

At Koga Orthodontics, we bill to a broad network of insurance providers, making it easier for you to get high-quality treatment without driving up costs. For a more accurate idea of how much you can expect to pay for braces, contact us and book an appointment.

How Long Do Traditional Braces Take?

Braces generally take anywhere from 1-3 years, and 2 years is common for younger patients. If your alignment issues are less severe and you follow our instructions for maintaining your braces carefully, it may be possible to get them off sooner. When you visit Koga Orthodontics for braces, we’ll present you with a custom plan that includes a timeline for when they will likely come off.

Does Getting Traditional Braces Hurt?

When you get traditional braces, they will be bonded to the teeth and rubber bands will be used to hold the wire inside the brackets, which can be tightened at specific points to slowly change the alignment of your teeth. Braces are available for people of all ages.

Next, we’ll change these wires strategically, guiding your teeth to change positions over time. This process can occasionally feel uncomfortable, especially just after your braces have been adjusted.

You may experience soreness for several days after getting braces or having them adjusted, especially when chewing food. However, this feeling normally goes away afterward.

What Is the Process for Getting Traditional Braces?

The first step towards getting braces is to visit us for an appointment. During this process, we’ll examine your teeth and mouth, collecting data we can use to make braces that fit you properly.

When you visit us to have your braces put on, we’ll place small rubber bands around your brackets, connecting the wires to your teeth. Adjusting the tension of these wires over time helps your teeth move into the proper alignment.

After your braces are removed, we’ll provide you with a retainer. This device prevents your teeth from shifting back to their old positions over time. You’ll also need to make regular appointments with us to ensure your teeth remain aligned in the future.

Who Can Get Traditional Braces?

Nearly everyone is a candidate for traditional braces, as long as their teeth and gums are healthy enough. When you come in for an appointment, we’ll check the condition of your teeth and your medical history to ensure we can fit you for a set of effective braces.

Should I Get Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are one of the most affordable ways to improve the way your teeth look and make it easier to care for them. If your teeth are misaligned to the point where they cause discomfort during regular activities or affect your confidence when smiling, contact Koga Orthodontics and find out how we can help.